The foundation for ProFab Custom Fabricators was laid in 1996 when the doors to a small 2,000sf shop opened in East Tennessee.  Fabricated products were offered on a very local basis and the shop operated with limited capabilities.

Throughout the years we invested in new equipment, challenged ourselves to design and patent our own equipment and became accustomed to telling our customers, “Yes, we can make that”!

ProFab’s growing customer base and ever expanding capabilities have led to a high level of success and growth over the last 5 years. Hence, ProFab moved its entire fabrication operation into a new state-of-the-art 30,000sf facility just outside Spartanburg, South Carolina and just off I-85.  Ed Phillips, who started with us in 1996, continues to oversee the entire operation. 

This move places the fabrication facility in the heart of ProFab’s southeastern market and will provide room for further expansion which is already in the planning stages. Not only that, but ProFab will now be able to service customers faster than ever before.

The new facility opens many doors for ProFab and we look forward to the continued growth and success of our fabrication facility and capabilities.